Empowering Mothers with Pure Water

At Clean Water for Infants, we're not just about providing clean water; we're about empowering mothers and protecting infant health. Manufactured in Australia and inspired by global needs, the SolarBag is designed to offer a reliable, eco-friendly water purification solution, especially in regions like India where clean water can be scarce.

What is the SolarBag?

The SolarBag is more than just a water purifier—it's a lifeline. Utilising solar-activated nanotechnology, this reusable bag provides a safe and effective way to purify water. It’s designed with mothers and infants in mind, ensuring the youngest members of your family have access to clean water, free from harmful contaminants.

How Does It Work?

Fill the SolarBag with up to 3.5 litres of water from any source. Place it in direct sunlight and let the solar-activated nanotechnology go to work, neutralising a wide range of contaminants:

  • Volatile organic chemicals
  • Pesticides and pharmaceuticals
  • Pathogens that can cause illness

Within 2-3 hours on a sunny day (or 4-6 hours if it’s cloudy or the water is tea-coloured), your water will be purified. An optional dye process can indicate when the purification is complete, giving you peace of mind.

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Why Choose the SolarBag?

Empowering Mothers

Clean water is crucial for infant health. The SolarBag empowers mothers to provide safe, purified water for their families.

Simple and Accessible

No chemicals, pumps, or intricate parts to worry about. Just fill and place in the sun.

Safe for Infants

The SolarBag uses UVA wavelengths for purification, avoiding the formation of harmful byproducts.

Sustainable and Reusable

One SolarBag can be used hundreds of times, making it an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution.

Globally Aware

Though made in Australia, the SolarBag is designed with global challenges in mind, providing a practical solution for communities in countries like India.

An Australian Solution with Global Reach

At Clean Water for Infants, we're proud to manufacture the SolarBag locally while making a global impact. Inspired by the urgent need for clean water in places like India, we've adapted this advanced technology to meet the specific challenges these communities face.

Become part of our mission to provide every mother and infant with access to clean, safe water, no matter where they are in the world.

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