Recognising the transformative power of clean water, especially for vulnerable populations like mothers and infants, Wayne & Rob took a bold step of acquiring the Australian license for the SolarBag from Puralytics.

Why Puralytics?

We were eeply moved by the pressing need for reliable water purification solutions in countries like India, where access to clean water can be a matter of life and death for infants. Through exhaustive research, we discovered the SolarBag - a product already changing lives around the world.

Impressed by the SolarBag's innovative, eco-friendly technology, we saw its potential to address water purity  in the neediest countries of the world. We recognised that the product offered something more than purification; it offered empowerment to mothers and safety to infants.

A Vision for Australia and Beyond

Clean Water for Infants is on a mission to provide mother and child with access to clean, safe water. The SolarBag is now manufactured in Australia ensuring top-notch quality while maintaining its eco-friendly promise.

Through our dedication and entrepreneurial spirit, we are is turning our vision of a better, healthier world into reality, starting with the most basic human need - water.